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We are the producers of the exhibitions "TUTANKHAMUN - His Tomb and his Treasures," "The Discovery of KING TUT" and "MAGIC CITY - The Art of the Street." To learn more about them, visit our "Exhibitions" page, and to find out about our team and how to meet us, check out "Who We Are."

We also act as local host and organizer for touring exhibitions in German-speaking countries. For more information on our touring and local presentations, head over to our "On View" page.

But wait, there's more! We also organize the Touring Exhibitions Meeting, a gathering for professionals from museums, science centres and private organizations, and publish an annual magazine, for people at the intersection of arts, media and entertainment. You can download a free copy on our "Magazine" page.

Finally, for the latest on our projects and interests, visit our "Gossip Factory" section and read our blogs, "Thank God Its Friday" and "Garry's Soapbox." Our motto is "Showbiz Culture," 'cause we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But what we do take seriously is our dedication to quality, integrity and creativity, and our respect for the audiences who visit our exhibitions and events.

Glad to have you on our site! – The team at SC Exhibitions.

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