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Posted on June 19, 2015

Beer prices at the Oktoberfest & The Magic of Constantinople

Dear Readers:

Istanbul, 1890 | © Library of CongressIstanbul, 1890
© Library of Congress

The first half of the year is almost gone, so it’s about time to plan for the autumn. I have two important things for you this week: 1 litre beer at Munich’s famous Oktoberfest will cost a bit more than € 10 this year, which is a new record. I know that many readers of this column are passionate Oktoberfest-goers, so to afford the hefty new price tag that comes with the famous super large glass beer steins you must save money in advance. The solution: Before July 31, book your discounted Early Bird Ticket for The Touring Exhibitions Meeting in Istanbul.

Writing this column and thinking about Istanbul it crossed my mind that in our host city, Istanbul, and across the Muslim countries and community, the holy month of Ramadan has just started. And Ramadan is all about tightening our belts, fasting and saving! (Remember what I told you about the Munich beer prices and the cheap TEM ticket).

This year, the Touring Exhibitions Meeting will take us to Istanbul, for the weekend of September 10 – 12.

Constantinople – now called Istanbul in modern Turkish language – was the capital city of the Roman and Byzantine, the Latin, and the Ottoman empires. Named after Emperor Constantine the Great, this ancient name is the magical soundtrack of long-forgotten empires and adventures, woven into the DNA of this mighty megacity at the intersection between Europe and Asia. Constantinople has always been a magical word for me, which is perhaps why I’ve chosen to name my eldest son Konstantin.

In spring 2012 a friendly man came to see me in my office in Bayreuth. We spoke about this and that, and he made me a wonderful gift: A unique collector’s book called Maps of Istanbul 1422 – 1922. Just a few month later this man was one of the first 50 delegates of our inaugural Touring Exhibitions Meeting, in Paris.

He invited me to Istanbul to discuss a business project, but instead we spent a wonderful afternoon wandering through various bookstores. It was just us and his Volkswagen, driving through the hilly streets of Istanbul, meeting shopkeepers, enjoying tea and Turkish delights, and browsing old maps.

The name of this man is Yalcin Balci, and he is a partner at Istanbul Entertainment Group (IEG). We are proud to work IEG as the local host of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting 2015.

That’s the magic of Constantinople. That’s the magic of TEM. The city that straddles two continents awaits you this September for the 4th edition of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting. And just one week after TEM the real Oktoberfest in Munich will be opening! And you can afford to make it to Munich because TEM is helping you to save money.

"Maps of Istanbul 1422 – 1922" seen through the lens of artist  Khaled HafezTEM’s 2015 artwork is an historic map from the book “Maps of Istanbul 1422 – 1922” seen through the lens of artist Khaled Hafez. With the kind permission of Denziler Bookstore, Istanbul.

A happy Ramadan to all Muslim friends and business partners!
Christoph Scholz
Director SC Exhibitions

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