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Posted on May 8, 2015

Exhibition Summer in Munich

Regular readers of my blog might have noticed that I currently see Dr. Zahi Hawass more often than my wife. After our trip last week to Manila’s ASPAC conference we both made a short pitstop in our home towns – Dr. Zahi in Cairo, and me in Bayreuth – to wash our shirts, iron our suits and to say hello to our families. Then off to Munich we went to introduce the German edition of our book “Discovering Tutankhamun”, attend two public lectures, visit the faculty of Egyptology, the Egyptian Museum and meet the media at our exhibition “Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures”, at the Olympic Park.

Dr. Zahi Hawass

King Tut in Munich is our second exhibition in the “Exhibition Summer at the Olympic Park” series. Whilst staying with Dr. Zahi in Munich, I found time to see three of the current exhibitions, and I am happy to recommend them as my personal “Exhibition Summer” highlights in Munich:

Egypt is not only the golden treasure of King Tut!

At the Pinakothek der Moderne (here: Museum of Architecture of the Technical University) you can “Zoom in on Architecture”.

The exhibition ‘Zoom!’ features photography and video works by 15 international photographers that deal with the relationship and function of architecture in regard to social and economic change. Watch out for Iwan Baan’s photographs of the lives of the garbage collectors in Cairo. If you are in Munich this weekend you can see the show for free, as Munich’s museum neighborhood, the Kunstareal, celebrates its annual feast.

The exhibition runs until June 21.
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Bavaria’s last Pharaoh!

My family and I have been going once a year, for the last 15 years, to a beautiful family owned hotel, the “Sonne” (“Sun”) in Bad Hindelang, deep deep in the Allgäu mountains. Every year the first thing we check is if the yellowed photograph of Franz Josef Strauß visiting the hotel is still on its place above our stammtisch in the breakfast room.

Franz Josef Strauß was Bavaria’s last Pharaoh. Why? You can find out in a new exhibition at Munich’s Statdmuseum, Franz Josef Strauß & The Power of the Image, which brings together posters, photos, magazines and film to show this legendary former Prime Minister’s portrayal through the media.

For details visit…

Another ‘original’ from Munich was Rupert Stöckl: The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” newspaper has staged a posthumous exhibition in the editorial headquarter for the painter, collector, thinker and designer. This exhibition is the closest to my heart. It is a bit melancholic, and you can probably only fully enjoy this show if you have an addiction to the Munich of 20 or 30 years ago: With the Abendzeitung and a Kir Royal. The exhibition is a curious flea market about a true Munich original. And it is great that the newspaper staged this show!

Süddeutsche Zeitung headquarters, Hultschiner Straße

It’s summer in Munich:

Book a flight to Munich, and you will land at Franz Josef Strauß (!) airport. The Bavarian government tried to claim FJS as the airport code (like New York’s JFK and Paris’ CDG airports), but the international authority releasing these codes didn’t agree

Book a room at one of the fresh-friendly-stylish-comfy Motel One hotels (I am lovin’ them!). Motel One is the best place to stay in any city; they are budget, but cool, and with a special Munich spirit, probably because their headquarter is here in Munich, Germany’s secret capital.

Download a Giorgio Moroder record to your iPod or Walkman, or whatever device, to get the real Munich sound (on your flight to FJS or in your cozy Motel One bed).

Plan time to visit the four exhibitions I recommended above. And of course, the city’s beer gardens, a cultural institution in their own right, are as vibrant and lively as ever

Enjoy the weekend!
Christoph Scholz
Director SC Exhibitions

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