The Art of the Street

Our new project "MAGIC CITY" originated with the question: what happens when 40 artists come together to create a "Magic City"?

Urban Art is having a worldwide renaissance as artists everywhere are claiming public space for the public imagination. What began primarily in the 1960s as graffiti, a stealth youth movement of tagging trains and city walls with personal, political, and social messages, has branched out into stunning museum-quality public art that gives a new voice to many and fetches critical praise from academia and art collectors. The Street Art scene has international stars, many with huge fan-bases, who follow and eagerly anticipate their new works on the street. From massive-scale spectacular artworks that dominate a cityscape, to inventive, often illicit, almost hidden small works that thrill when discovered, what was once an outsiders’ art is now quickly expanding into the mainstream.

Right now the timing is perfect for a touring exhibition that celebrates the best of this work and showcases its ability to empower and inspire. SC Exhibitions is proud to announce the World Premiere of "Magic City," a city like no other. The curatorial aspect of such a show is key, and as such SC Exhibitions has invited Carlo McCormick, the renowned American author and curator, along with a prestigious international team, to design "Magic City." Together they have commissioned new works from 40 outstanding urban artists to create a uniquely "street" environment that only exists for this singular exhibit – a "Magic City" in all its aspects.

What is magical about this city? These artists will use their transformative skills to interact with all elements of urban architecture – the walls, benches, lampposts, street signs, gutters, trash cans and more – claiming elements of the street as their canvas to create, communicate and re-invent in seriously unexpected ways. Illusion and anamorphic artists will transform our idea of public space with pop-up art events and optical images that draw crowds of spectators and bend perceptions. The entire exhibit will be interactive and edifying, creating fun and educational family paths (and endless selfie possibilities).

Capturing a worldwide scene at this unprecedented moment, this is a fantastic city transformed by the greatest urban artists in the world. After experiencing "Magic City" you will never look at a city in the same way again. Witness it yourself from October 1st at the "Magic City" World Premier in Dresden!

Visit our MAGIC CITY website.



World Premiere Events

October 1, 2016 – March 12, 2017
Dresden, Zeitenströmung

April 13 – September 3, 2017
Munich, Olympic Park