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Posted on September 2, 2016

My First, My Last, My Everything on Facebook

Dear Readers, Welcome back to THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! My last column dates back to April because the past few months have been so busy with producing our new exhibition "MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET," preventing me from sparing time to write this column. The world premier event in Dresden is about four weeks away, and most of our preparation for MAGIC CITY is now done, so it's a good moment to dive back in again.

Since the last column went out, I've become aware of Facebook’s "See First" feature, which allows you to mark 30 people or pages with "See First." I really like it because it brings the sometimes chaotic Facebook feed a bit closer to Twitter’s chronological news stream. My "See First" list consists of six categories with five entries each: Powerplayers, Entertainment, Media, Celebrities, Lifestyle and Watch List.


Tina Guo

#1 Tina Guo
Cellist Tina Guo and I met this spring at Hans Zimmer’s European arena tour (we had the honour of being the promoter in the German-speaking markets). I think Tina is the most active person on social media on this planet; once she wrote a Facebook message to me, saying "I’m too crazy about social media and always do things immediately." I met Tina again this Wednesday in LA (see photo), and she was kind enough to sign five copies of her new album "Hollywood’s Greatest Themes." On our Facebook page @TheSoundOfHollywood we will raffle these five CDs out shortly.

#2 Kai Diekmann
Mr. Diekmann is the publisher of Germany’s mighty newspaper group BILD. His Facebook (and Twitter) stream is a carefully crafted mix of news, stories, gossip, and an entertaining photo diary from Berlin’s House of Cards world, his travels and his little farm in the prairie near Berlin. I'm always speculating about which photo filter Mr. Diekmann uses on his iPhone to produce his museum-worthy photos. Our social media guy Oliver thinks he knows the answer, but I will not share this trade secret here.

#3 John Legere

John Legere on social media is the American equivalent to Kai Diekmann’s social media appearances here in Germany. The boss of T-Mobile USA even cooks live on Facebook. If I change my AT&T US mobile contract to one from T-Mobile, can I keep my number, dear John Legere?

#4 Sree Sreenivasan
If you work in media, entertainment, and marketing you need to follow Sree Sreenivasan. Over the past three years or so he's made the Metropolitan Museum of Arts’ online activities top notch, and his work has become a role model for museums all over the world. So it's no surprise that he's now been named Chief Digital Officer of New York City. On Facebook (and even more so on Twitter!), he shares his best practices, hosts podcasts and conferences, and almost every Sunday reads the thick fat Sunday New York Times live.

#5 Julian Reichelt
The Editor-in-Chief of BILD ONLINE, Germany’s premier news hub, stands for fearless journalism. His opinion articles are a must-read for me, and I think he's one of Germany’s best journalists. He often publishes in English as well, so my international readers are also invited to "see him first" on Facebook.

My dream for a Facebook Live event to come: John Legere visiting Kai Diekmann on his little farm for a live BBQ session and Tina Guo playing the music, whilst Sree Sreenivasan and Julian Reichelt live read a copy of BILD newspaper. Facebook allows you 30 "see firsts," so here are my other 25 Facebook power players.


#1 The Standard Hollywood
The Standard Hollywood produces under its guiding theme "Standard Culture" an inspiring potpourri of videos, photos, playlists, a regular magazine, interviews, and super cool advertising. Special tip: Check out "Standard Sounds" on Spotify – the playlist by Standard’s restaurant ALMA (I call it my favourite diner on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles)

#2 Netflix Life
With House of Cards, The Get Down, Stranger Things, and The Walking Dead, Netflix is me and my family's campfire, and Netflix Life keeps us up-to date with our beloved streaming service. Noteworthy: Good things come from Kansas City, it was the first station of our King Tut show, and it's the home to media house FanSided (check out:, the makers of fan site Netflix Life.

#3 The Retronaut
The past like you wouldn’t believe, in photo time capsules by our friend Wolfgang Wild.

#4 Brooklyn Street Art
MAGIC CITY brought us together with Brooklyn Street Art, a portal featuring photos and news from the epicentres of urban art.

#5 The British Museum
The British Museum is my #1 museum and it has the best museum Facebook page. Period.


#1 Nieman Journalism Lab
Harvard’s journalism lab brings the most interesting background reports from the media industry.

#2 Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly is: The best photography, the coolest infographics and illustrations, and the sharpest writing from the world of popular culture. For me , it's an unmissable source for keeping my fingers on the pulse of American (and so global) showbiz. So, I'm not just a subscriber to the magazine on the iPad, I really want to see their news on Facebook first!

#3 Guardian Culture
Guardian Culture’s coverage is what I need to round up the entertainment news I get from my subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and The International New York Times.

ZEIT ONLINE (TIME ONLINE) is the online offspring of Germany’s foremost weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT. Their coverage of politics, economy, life and culture is unparalleled in Germany. The online coverage ideally complements the print edition (to which I'm a subscriber) and allows me to share many articles with my friends on Facebook. Most of the coverage is in German, but if you dig a bit deeper on Facebook or their website, you can find many interesting stories in English as well.

# 5 Schaffen wir das
Publishing house Axel Springer leads Germany’s digital avant-garde: Online journalism project "Schaffen wir das?" turned Chancellor Angela Merkel’s famous quote “Wir schaffen das” ("We will make it!") into a question. The blog covers over a year of our country’s hard work integrating with refugees.


#1 Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn:
Can’t wait for Part 2 in summer 2017!

#2 Composer Hans Zimmer:
It's such a pleasure being able to work with Mr. Zimmer and his team – his studio 14th Street Music in Santa Monica is producing the soundtrack to our new exhibition MAGIC CITY.

#3 Singer, songwriter, legend of German showbiz Udo Lindenberg.
I think 100% of all Germans simply love him.

#4 Director Baz Luhrmann.
Subscribe to Netflix to watch The Get Down.

#5 The Royal Family


#1 Marstall at Oktoberfest:
Keeps me in touch with Munich’s Oktoberfest (once a year for 21 years).

#2 Locanda Orseolo in Venice:
A small boutique hotel, the photos they share on Facebook make me dream of Venice with my wife! (Biennale 2017, we are coming!)

#3 Romantik-Hotel Sonne in Bad Hindelang:
A retreat for my family and I for 16 years.

#4 Pasta Martelli:
The best pasta in the world. In Germany, it's hard to get and quite expensive, so I always buy it in bulk when I'm in Italy. I don’t understand a bloody word on their Italian Facebook page, but I get a cozy summerly Italian feeling when spotting their entries on Facebook – so I must see them first!

#5 Citizen M Hotels:
It took me a long time to decide if I should use a "See First" button for Motel One, ALoft or Citizen M hotels. I love all three chains so much for their great hospitality, creative appearance and value-for-money rates. Motel One (I admire this budget hotel chain, see this year’s magazine, where I interview the head of design) didn’t make it because their Facebook stream could be livelier: mostly, they post about hotel openings and run sweepstakes. ALoft nearly made it, but Citizen M is still my Number One when it comes to "hotel publishing." Check out their Facebook page and web page.


#1 My dear colleague at LS Konzerte
in Vienna, Katharina Lattermann. Do more!

#2 My dear colleague in Brussels, promoter Manu Braff.
Do more!

Forgive me for the last three entries linking to some of our own pages, but "See First" allows me to monitor them conveniently:

#3 Showbiz Culture:
That’s SC Exhibitions on Facebook.

#4 The Facebook page of our new show MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET

#5 Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures:
The Pharaoh will make his Australian debut on September 29 in Perth!

THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY will return again soon. Until then, all the very best!

Christoph Scholz
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