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Posted on June 5, 2015



The Huffington Post's Arts & Culture about ballet dancers

Recently, while I was browsing Facebook, the following headline from Huffington Post’s Arts & Culture team grabbed my attention: *Insert emoji applause*. The post, as you can see in a screenshot here, was about ballet dancers. I thought, “Wow! Some new ballet show is somehow staging something with emojis. How cool is that?” I read the article, twice, but there was no mention of a new emoji ballet. Then I realised that *Insert emoji applause* was actually a technical instruction for Huff Post’s Facebook team – they had obviously intended to headline this post with applauding emojis.

Thinking about the issue, a recent interview with Katy Perry came to mind in which Ms. Perry had stated that she has no objections to fans taking a myriad of photos during her performances. She explained that taking photos during a concert is a form of applause.

If emojis can applaud a Huff Post article, and if artists see that photographing them is applauding them – what kind of applause do we receive in exhibitions?

Have you ever seen visitors leaving an exhibition clapping? I think we exhibition people deserve our dose of applause as well. Let’s work on it!

Clapping Hands by Apple (iOS 6-8.2 | OS X 10.7-10.10.2)Clapping Hands by Apple
(iOS 6-8.2 | OS X 10.7-10.10.2)

Very best wishes – my next column will be out on June 19!
Christoph Scholz
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