SC Exhibitions Magazine

Through our annual magazine, we want to bring our projects and our people closer to you.

SHOWBIZ CULTURE is our not-quite-serious motto – and the title of our annual magazine, for people at the intersection of arts, media and entertainment.
Do you ever feel like this? You've subscribed to a newsletter, but once it arrives in your inbox you don't have time to read it. Newsletters are the first to go under in the daily flood of emails, so once a year we afford ourselves the luxury of publishing a print magazine, SHOWBIZ CULTURE (you can read it here in its online version too, but print is the 'real deal').
Working with artists, curators, authors, photographers and scholars is at the core of our work as producers of international touring exhibitions, and our annual magazine is the stage for them, bringing our work closer to you and introducing the different facets of our projects. It is also a compendium of topics, including stories and photographs, that we find interesting and worth sharing.

SHOWBIZ CULTURE aims to be your long read companion – for your reading pleasure on a flight home from a conference, on a weekend, or wherever and whenever you can spare some time.

INSIDE SC Exhibitions

A brief overview of our touring exhibitions | #ASTC2017 Special Edition

SC Exhibitions is attending the annual meeting of the Association of Science and Technology Centers in San José. There’s always something happening at our #Booth1223 at #ASTC2017

Check out Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, @showbizculture, and hashtag #Booth1223 for our program! Say hello and pick up a Free Notebook, exclusively designed for us by American cult brand Field Notes.

Get Your Name Graffitied by Marco Reinhardt from Munich (yes, your own tag for free!)

A quarter of a million visitors came to see our Street Art show MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET in Dresden and in Munich. Germany loved us, and now we’re wowing audiences in Stockholm, too. We’re bringing a bit of color to San José as well, with graffiti artist Marco Reinhardt ready to hand-paint your very own graffiti tag.

Pick up ONE of 100 Exclusive Thor vs. Hulk Posters

Famous comics artist Nick Bradshaw created a Thor vs. Hulk poster for us, and he’ll be at #Booth1223 ready to sign it for you. “Thor: Ragnarok” is opening in theaters very soon, and we’re working on our next exhibition: MARVEL: UNIVERSE OF SUPER HEROES. Hence we thought it would be fun to have a comics artist at our booth – come and grab a #ASTC2017 Exclusive signed Thor poster souvenir for your kids!

Take a Selfie with Spider-Man

#Booth1223 is your friendly neighborhood at #ASTC2017. There’s always a souvenir, a coffee – or a chance to take a selfie with Spider-Man for that gotta-go-viral Instagram photo!