Thank God it’s Friday

Posted on November 21, 2014

My first column is about Twitter

I must confess that I am a news junky. I read 2 printed newspapers and another 3 newspapers as well as several magazines on the iPad a day. I also constantly grab tons of newspapers and magazines at airline lounges and hotels. I am bombarding my colleagues at SC Exhibitions with articles from the tablet edition of The New York Times; forwarding news with a fingertip is so convenient. The business and culture sections are useful resources for my work. I often keep articles for many months with me and use them later on for research, to quote them in speeches and texts, or to make new contacts.

A few weeks ago my beloved printed publications got fierce competition from Twitter. I joined Twitter in 2011 but actually never used it. That changed overnight at a conference earlier this year when I became aware what a great networking and light-speed information tool Twitter is. Reading the Twitter newsfeed mornings and evenings like a newspaper or magazine became a new habit for me. Following institutions like @britishmuseum or @metmuseum provides me information and inspiration for our work at SC Exhibitions, while following arts & culture journalists provides me with relevant news much faster than any other medium I know.

Here’s my Twitter Top 10 for November:

  1. The Guardian’s Culture Professionals Network is an invaluable resource for everybody in Arts & Culture

  2. The editor-in-chief of Germany’s biggest daily BILD is my Twitter Guru. Mr. Diekmann invented what I would call “Twittertainment”: A unique blend of top-level news, debate, highly entertaining provocations and conversations, travel reports, and shameless PR for the latest book of his wife (a bestselling author). Tweets mostly in German.

  3. I became 40 this summer – and simply love Mr. Moroder’s new motto: #74isthenew24

  4. The @Guardian correspondent in Egypt keeps me connect with my “second home” Cairo. He often reports about Antiquities and Museums in Egypt, so his coverage is very valuable for our work at the Tutankhamun exhibitions.

  5. I am subscriber of the Entertainment Weekly. To follow them on Twitter complements the magazine. To follow trends in popular US entertainment is an absolute must read.

  6. I like this fresh crossover journalism and their glossy web design. A little dose of more arts & culture would make @ozy just perfect for me.

  7. Chris Wild’s daily tweets with unbelievable historic photographs. If you don’t have Christmas gifts for your beloved ones yet: Buy the book. We at SC Exhibitions bought 10 copies, and gave them to the sponsors of the last Touring Exhibitions Meeting.

  8. NY times columnist Thomas L. Friedman analysis of global politics, the environment and our societies is a must read for me.

  9. Elvis Presley at The O2 in London, which opens December 12. I am curious to know if this event will be a success.

  10. For loyalty reasons I recommend the Twitter handle of my employer Semmel Concerts. My dear colleagues could be a bit more active on Twitter.

We in the arts and entertainment world are often unhappy about journalists when they attack our exhibitions or stage spectacles. But how could we work without the valuable coverage of journalists? They are gathering profound information for us. Twitter would be much poorer – probably useless – without journalists and media outlets tweeting there. I think everybody should subscribe to a newspaper or a magazine to support the work of the media, of the journalists.

My 14 year old son is reading the printed newspaper (@kurier_online) every morning (whilst I am on Twitter!). And this is how it should be.

Have a great weekend!

Yours, Christoph Scholz
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