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Posted on January 16, 2015

My preview: January – March 2015

Dear Readers, Thank you so much for your kind feedback on my January 9 column Podcasts: The Hidden Champions of Entertainment. Just two days later, James Atlas wrote Hearing is Believing for The New York Times – a smart analysis about the growing podcast phenomenon. I encourage you to read it, as it complements last week’s column very well.

Section of DRESDEN 1945 panorama, visualization © asisi
Section of DRESDEN 1945 panorama, visualization
© asisi

Here are this week’s cultural picks for the first quarter of the year:

Chosen with love for you – My picks for JANUARY:


Just a few days ago, McDonald’s in the US overhauled its long-running “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan. Check out the new animated TV ad, where the Joker and Batman, a mail man and a dog, a blue donkey and red elephant, and the Smurfs and Gargamel show ‘love’ to each other, and share McDonald’s products. The upbeat TV commercial ends with the words “Choose Lovin’”. I was wondering if McDonald’s head of marketing had read a pre-copy of The Business Romantic, the new book by Tim Leberecht. Why? Read the book! The English edition was released a few days ago, and the German edition will follow later this month. I will interview Tim in our forthcoming SC Exhibitions Magazine 2015 (out early March), and he will also be our key note speaker at The Touring Exhibitions Meeting’s special edition, September 10 – 12 in Istanbul.

McDonalds’s: Archenemies – Choose Lovin’


DRESDEN 1945 – Tragedy and Hope of a European City portrays the destroyed city of Dresden after the bombing raids in February 1945 in a monumental 360° panoramic view. The intention of panorama artist Yadegar Asisi is not only to portray the tragedy of Dresden, but to draw our attention to the effects of reciprocity in the complex course of history. Dresden is one of a whole series of cities destroyed in the Second World War: towns such as Rotterdam, Coventry, Stalingrad and Warsaw were also destroyed as a result of German attacks.

From January 24 at the Asisi Panometer in Dresden, Germany.

Allow me to add: Asisi Panorama International is one of the esteemed sponsors of our initiative, The Touring Exhibitions Meeting. I was very proud of Yadegar Asisi and his team when I learned that he will speak in his Dresden ‘Panometer’ (an old gasometer, home for Mr Asisi’s visual culture for a decade) about this tragic, dark chapter of our German and European history.

That’s brave for a private cultural entrepreneur such as Asisi, who at the end of the day makes his living from the box office and could easily entertain the audience with lighter exhibition themes.

The release of the movie Star Wars VII in December is highly anticipated: “… with a new Star Wars movie this year, 2015 is already better”, tweeted Lucasfilm’s manager of digital content and community relations, Matt Martin, recently (). Whilst Star Wars Identities, an exhibition by our friends at X 3 Productions in Montreal, is successfully touring in Europe, Star Wars and the Power of Costume opens on January 31 in Seattle. The curators from the renowned Smithsonian, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, and Lucasfilm offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most iconic costumes in film history.

Until October 4 2015 at the EMP Museum.

Relaxing in FEBRUARY

In February I will not visit any exhibitions or read any books, because March will be super exhausting! To relax, I will download some Music: Shadows in the Night is Bob Dylan’s homage to Frank Sinatra in the year we celebrate the 100th birthday of Ol’ Blue Eyes. Columbia Records will release Dylan’s Shadows in the Night on February 3, a collection that uncovers ten American classics with new life and contemporary relevance.

MARCH is for fashion lovers


Around 1,000 concert promoters, producers, artist agents and managers of record labels and production services will gather at the 27th International Live Music Conference, from March 6 – 8 in London. Promoters of live entertainment (as we are) are becoming more and more active as local hosts of touring exhibitions. ILMC invited me to host a panel discussion about this subject on March 7.

The International New York Times Art for Tomorrow conference will explore the changing dynamics of art and architecture, and their potential to change people and places, from March 14 – 16 in Doha, Qatar. I am looking forward to attending and discussing!


The Battle of Versailles is the title of the debut book by Washington Post’s fashion critic Robin Givhan (Flatiron Books, March 17, 2015). Givhan recounts the events of November 1973, when the Palace of Versailles hosted a fashion show which would change the course of fashion itself. Originally conceived as a fund-raiser for the restoration of the Palace, the show hosted an audience of celebrities and international jet-setters, who witnessed five of the best American designers ‘battle’ five top French designers. With the likes of Oscar de la Renta and Bill Blass showing their work against names including Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy and Pierre Cardin, the night made fashion history. Despite being plagued by infighting and technical difficulties, the American energy, and determination of its fearless models (ten of whom, in a groundbreaking move, were African American) sent the audience reeling. By the end of the evening the Americans had not only taken their place on the world’s stage, but had prompted a major shift in the way fashion treated race, gender, sexuality and economics for decades to come.

Imagine the collection of dresses of that night in ONE exhibition! (And follow the author on Twitter ).


Björk is going to release her new album Vulnicura this March. The Museum of Modern Art presents a retrospective of the musician’s multifaceted body of work, from March 8 – June 7. The exhibition draws from more than 20 years of the artist’s daring and adventurous projects, and her seven full-length albums — from Debut (1993) to Biophilia (2011) — to chronicle her career through sound, film, visuals, instruments, objects, costumes, and performance.

Karl Lagerfeld. Modemethode will be on show from March 27 to September 13 at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Germany. ‘Modemethode’, Lagerfeld’s ‘fashion method’, is his ambitious, all-encompassing approach: from the initial sketch to the finished garment, and from the accessories, the architectural setting and music of the fashion shows to the photographs and graphic design of press material, advertising, catalogues and window displays – every last little detail is devised by the designer himself.

From March 14 – July 19 London’s Victoria & Albert Museum will be celebrating the extraordinary creative talent of one of the most innovative designers of recent times. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty will be the first and largest retrospective of McQueen’s work to be presented in Europe.

With Star Wars and the Power of Costume in Seattle, Björk in New York, Karl Lagerfeld in Bonn and Alexander McQueen in London, there is a lot to see in the first months of the year. Read the Versailles book on your long flights between Seattle, Bonn, London and New York!

Until next week!

Christoph Scholz
Director SC Exhibitions
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