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Posted on July 17, 2015

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(I don’t feel blue about journalism, Part II)

Hashtag-Kampagne von Je Reste CharlieHashtag-Kampagne von “Je Reste Charlie”

 Dear Readers: 

In early January the world was shocked by the terrorist attack against the editorial team of Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Kai Diekmann, editor-in-chief of Germany’s leading daily newspaper BILD, commented (I translate here from German), “The only thing we can do about it is to live without fear as we live. Write what we want to write. To draw, paint, write poetry, and express whatever we wish to express.”

Magician David Copperfield reflected in an opinion piece for The New York Times, “Art has the ability to unite people into a collective mind. That’s the real magic, what those in the hate business can’t countenance.”
(See my March 20 column, which links to the Times article.)

Je suis Charlie – I am Charlie many expressed, then under the influence of the Paris attack. Now young German journalists – studying at Berlin’s Axel Springer Academy, a school for journalism – have launched a multimedia documentation in English, French and German online at Under the motto I remain Charlie this new online magazine features background stories about people and places which have seen terrorist attacks.

Regular readers of this blog might recall my recent column I don’t feel blue about journalism, where I introduced some innovative new journalistic projects. The online project is another great example which really makes me confident about the future of quality independent journalism. This is online journalism at its best, because these journalists from the Axel Springer Academy are standing up for our freedom.

Many well-known personalities support this online project already, and I hope that schools, universities, media outlets and organisations will make active use of this website. I invite you, dear readers,
to visit the website
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Christoph Scholz
Director SC Exhibitions

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My next column will be out on July 31, 2015.


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