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Posted on February 26, 2016

'Retronaut’s New York'

Allow me to confess that I love the concept of pop-up restaurants, shops and art galleries.
Adam Ostrow, Josh Sapan, Wolfgang Wild, Pete Cashmore, Christoph ScholzFrom the left: Adam Ostrow (Chief Strategy Officer, Mashable); Josh Sapan (President & CEO AMC Networks); Wolfgang Wild (aka The Retronaut); Pete Cashmore (Founder & CEO of Mashable)

And ever since first hearing about the idea, I’ve wanted to create a pop-up exhibition. This Wednesday evening, my wish finally came true, when a Retronautic time-machine touched down on New York City’s 5th Avenue, delivering an extraordinary cargo for our visitors’ delight – a set of widescreen panoramic images of NYC, each more than 100-years-old. And, as a highlight, there’s an incredible “Timescape” – a mind-melting mash-up of 20 photographs of Times Square from 1906 to the present day (check out our YouTube channel for a time lapse video from the “making of”).

“Timescape” Times Square, New York | Digital Color Reconstruction by Dynamichrome | © SC Exhibitions. All rights reserved

Mark Lach – the creative director at our host venue Premier Exhibitions at 5th Avenue – introduced the super-special guests of honour: Wolfgang Wild, the curator of this pop-up show, and Jordan Lloyd, the digital artist behind the “Timescape.” The inauguration was held by three heavyweights of America’s media industry: Josh Sapan, CEO / Chair of AMC Networks and historic panorama expert; Jim Roberts, Executive Editor of Mashable; and Pete Cashmore, Mashable’s CEO and founder.

Is it OK that that I’m very excited? This, our first pop-up exhibition (accompanying the run of our King Tut exhibition), was opened by the people who run some of the United States’ most innovative media companies (think of “Breaking Bad,” which Josh Sapan helped to build)! That’s a great honour for our team at SC Exhibitions.

Pop up gallery at Premier Exhibitions 5th AvenuePop up gallery at Premier Exhibitions 5th Avenue

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Roberts, during which we talked about time capsules and Spider-Man. You’ll find this interview in our hot-off-the-press SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 next week!

Retronaut’s New York


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