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Posted on September 16, 2016

SC EXHIBITIONS Just Opened Its Own TV Station!

Dear readers,
It’s a busy time for us right now at SC Exhibitions. Forty urban artists from 21 countries are currently working on site in Dresden – painting, spraying, scratching, gluing, and even knitting their art – as we set up our new exhibition MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET, a celebration of today’s most vital and imaginative art form: Street Art.

Opening on 1st October, in this brand new show, we're going to present street art in all its diversity: political, lyrical, biting, critical – and always entertaining. A 2,500 square-metre model city has been designed to stage this collective vision, showing a range of artists, presenting original works created especially for the project.

Anyone embarking on a journey of discovery through our Magic City will encounter imaginative graffiti and fly-posts everywhere, amazing 3D illusions of anamorphic art, and strange objects and sculptures; then, around the next corner, multimedia installations and epic murals will be waiting, or alternatively, small, almost-hidden figures whose diminutive stature make them all the more exciting to discover.

As we set up the show, we're covering this intensive creative phase with a daily video diary – you can find it on all our social media channels, and a weekly wrap-up in English is provided as well.

Check out the video diary's YouTube channel, or follow us on Facebook, and Instagram @MagicCityLife

Best wishes,

Christoph Scholz
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