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Posted on April 17, 2015

TEM goes Istanbul

Hello! In spring 2012, a friendly man paid me a visit in my office in Bayreuth. We discussed this and that, and he made me a wonderful gift: A unique collector's book called Maps of Istanbul 1422 – 1922. Just a few months later, the same man was one of the first 50 delegates of our inaugural Touring Exhibitions Meeting in Paris.

Maps of Istanbul 1422 – 1922 | © Artwork: Khaled HafezMaps of Istanbul 1422 – 1922
© Artwork: Khaled Hafez

He invited me to Istanbul to discuss a business project, but instead we spent a wonderful afternoon in bookstores around the city; meeting shopkeepers, enjoying tea and Turkish delights, and browsing old maps. The name of this man is Yalcin Balci, and he is a partner at Istanbul Entertainment Group (IEG), who will be this year’s local host at The Touring Exhibitions Meeting 2015.

That’s right, Istanbul will be the home for 2015’s TEM, and I’m actually writing this week’s column from the Hilton Bomonti () , which will be our conference location and headquarter hotel from September 10 – 12. The Hilton Bomonti is Istanbul’s latest and largest hotel and conference center. To find out more about the hotel, read this review from our conference media partner, The Guide Istanbul ():…

A striking feature next to the modern skyscraper hotel is the old Bomonti Beer Factory (which gives the area its name). The Swiss Bomonti brothers began brewing beer in 1890, and the Hilton’s neighborhood is a cosmopolitan area where you can find everything from mosques, synagogues and churches, to galleries, music clubs and the creative sector. It’s the perfect environment for TEM 2015.

We are preparing a programme that promises to be as special as its host city, with keynotes from both Tim Leberecht – author of The Business Romantic – and writer Christopher Beanland, who will be questioning what the future holds for the traditional museum. To find out more download the SC Exhibitions Magazine, which introduces both gentlemen.

In the spirit of progress, this year we’ll be inviting attendees to take part in workshops and presentations, and the conference will also offer a new and dedicated WiFi-ready business lounge, freely available for delegates to meet and share ideas. Key visuals for the conference have been created by Egyptian artist Khaled Hafez (TEM’s Artist-in-Conference since our first meeting in Paris) who took inspiration from the book Maps of Istanbul 1422 – 1922.

The city that straddles two continents awaits you this September for the 4th edition of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting.

Registration will open in one week’s time, on Friday, April 24:

Touring Exhibition Meeting 2015
Touring Exhibition Meeting 2015


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