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Posted on December 12, 2014

TEM is having a baby!

SC Exhibitions is the organizer and one of the head sponsors of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting: An international meeting for museums, science centers, for-profit and non-profit producers as well as presenters of touring exhibitions from across the globe. With three international conferences in Paris (2012), Berlin (2013) and this year’s edition in Munich, TEM became the center of an informal global network of like-minded people and companies that are interested in a more open and accessible networking approach in the field of touring exhibitions.

By March 2015, TEM is due to have a baby: TEN – The Touring Exhibitions News.

TEN will be an online magazine and e-mail-newsletter featuring an international exhibition calendar, interviews and background reports from the field we are working in.

The Touring Exhibitions Meeting, TEM, was the result of the lack of appropriate international conferences dedicated to our work. The Touring Exhibitions News, TEN, is our response to this vacuum of coverage on touring exhibitions. I read quite a few newspapers and magazines, such as the International New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Art Newspaper. Also, German publications feature a wide selection of great high-quality coverage from the arts and entertainment world, ranging from art auctions, fine arts exhibitions, archaeology, international art fairs, galleries and museums, to thought provoking interviews with curators and museum directors. I’d hate to miss out on all this great news about the arts, entertainment and many museums I love.

But, having said that, have I ever come across an interesting interview with the producer of a touring exhibition? I have not yet seen a single one. A background report about a city, region or particular venue for touring exhibits? Not as far as I know.

Even if you read the newsletters and magazines of our esteemed friends from mega organizations like AAM or ECSITE (and we are loyal delegates to their conferences) you wouldn’t find much about touring exhibitions.

The music industry has quite a few magazines which provide “business to business” information. Hollywood has “Variety”. There are several industry magazines for the advertising sector. But there is no specialist magazine for touring exhibitions. TEN is developed to fill this gap.

Our first issue in March 2015 will focus on London. We chose London, since the city is one the cradles of touring exhibitions (back in 1850, the original Victoria & Albert museum in London sent objects to the Central School of Design at Somerset House, one of the first prototypes of touring exhibitions). However, a permanent TEN feature will be an international exhibitions calendar; an editorial guide that’ll keep you up to date on what touring exhibitions are happening around the world & their contacts. You will also find registration and program details for TEM’s special edition from 10 – 12 September 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our project manager Daniel Batyi will be the editorial coordinator of TEN, so please add to your press mailing list, and help us shape TEN. Reach out to Daniel with your ideas, interview suggestions and let us know about your latest exhibitions. It is through TEN that our TEM community can stay connected on their latest events, their services, and any inquiries they may have.

Watching the design of our new TEN website unfold is as exciting as the prospect of Christmas itself. We are so excited to be having a baby! And we already know the exact birth date: Monday, 2 March 2015.

Don’t be lazy this weekend and help us make TEN truly special: Send your memos and ideas to my colleague Daniel Batyi, straight away!

Very best wishes

Christoph Scholz
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