Thank God it's Franzen

Posted on July 3, 2015

My cultural pick for the 3rd quarter of the year

Dear Readers:

Christoph Scholz vor der Markgrafen Buchhandlung

My quarterly cultural picks are usually stuffed with arts and entertainment from around the globe, but this new quarter of the year deserves some purity:


Gone Fishing. Whilst fishing, waiting for Jonathan Franzen’s new book.


Returned from fishing, and heading to the Markgrafen-Buchhandlung, the bookstore here in our hometown Bayreuth, to pre-order Jonathan Franzen’s new book.


On my way to the Markgrafen bookstore to pick up my copy of Purity, the long-awaited new book by Jonathan Franzen.…

If you haven’t read his books Freedom and The Corrections yet, do so. Whether you’re a bookworm or not, Mr Franzen will catch you with his unique language and way of telling stories. In addition to his work as a bestselling author, he contributes regularly to magazines and newspapers. I highly recommend a recent piece by him about climate change, in The New Yorker…

A version of this essay also appeared recently in Die Welt in German:…

Enjoy your summer with some good books!
Christoph Scholz
Director SC Exhibitions

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THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY will be back on July 17!


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