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Posted on August 14, 2015

New on my iPod: The Penis Museum, and other incredibly cool podcasts

Today, I have an update for you on my January column, Podcasts, The Hidden Champions of Entertainment

Image from The British Library at flickr.comImage from The British Library at

Here are the 5 shows that I upload every week onto my vintage iPod:

  1. Press Publish by Nieman Lab | A podcast newcomer, and already #1 on my list. I love everything Nieman Lab; this journalism laboratory, associated with Harvard University, is the best resource for any kind of in-depth media analysis, and very recently, they launched a podcast called Press Publish. Check it out at, and follow them on Twitter:
  2. The Truth | Hörspiel is the German word for “radioplay”, but a better, more literal translation would be “listenplay”. The German Hörspiel tradition has a kind of outdated intellectual flavor – think of an opera in an experimental staging that you don’t understand, but which is somehow weird and attractive at the same time. The Truth has Americanized this outdated intellectual radioplay flavour into consumable 20-30 minute plays. The perfect length of time to spend exercising on a machine in your gym. Since my column is mainly written for museum and exhibition people, you should start with the June 2014 episode, The Penis Museum.
  3. 99% Invisible (Warning: Highly addictive!) | Like The Truth, 99% Invisible comes from Radiotopia, probably the most interesting podcast conglomerate at the moment. Start with the recent episode, Awareness ( You’ll be addicted to this series afterwards.
  4. “An incredibly cool podcast”: Song Exploder | Follow host on Twitter, and then jump into this highly entertaining, super successful podcast series about music. You should also check out this recent wonderful review by The Guardian:
  5. Sree Show | Sree Sreenivasan, the digital director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, is the friendliest person in the World Wide Web. Readers of my column know that I never miss an opportunity to recommend his work. His Tweets, his news on Facebook and his lectures are helpful – and meaningful – for everybody working in cultural marketing. It’s great that his knowledge has now incarnated as a podcast. Read more at:


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