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Posted on February 27, 2015

The Future Issue

Our second annual “SC Exhibitions Magazine” was released today, and it will be available at museum conferences across the course of 2015.

© Elvis at the O2 exhibition/Neil Reading PRThe new SC Exhibitions Magazine is out!

Hello Friends!
This year’s magazine is called “The Future Issue”, inspired by “Back to the Future Part II”. Fans will know that 2015 – to be precise, October 21 2015 – is the all-important date when we can expect Marty McFly to materialise in Hill Valley. With this in mind we’ve gathered together a range of stories (and a comic!) exploring the future, and what it might bring.

In the magazine, you can find some first glimpses of this year’s Touring Exhibitions Meeting (TEM) from September 10 – 12 in Istanbul. In this issue our TEM keynote speaker, Christopher Beanland, asks, “Is there a Future for the Traditional Museum?”. Also featured is an “interview battle” between another TEM guest, Tim Leberecht (“The Business Romantic”), and Donald Trump (“Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life”). You can be inspired by a piece about trends in PR and marketing by Marian Salzmann, and learn more about “The Revival of the Egyptian Museum” in Cairo, and how SC Exhibitions are supporting the initiative. Our guest photo editor for this issue is “Retronaut” Chris Wild; the man behind’s historic photo albums, and the essential Twitter account . With the help of our cultural partner, Blippar, we’ve also enriched this issue of the magazine with additional content. To enjoy this, download their free app before reading.

The magazine is a compendium of beautiful photography and stories for your reading pleasure (to fill the time until Marty McFly’s arrival). We created this magazine as a way of sharing the spirit we work in and the subjects that interest us, and as we’re curious about almost everything this issue will explore art, science, entertainment, business, technology and more. We hope this publication shows some of our desire to enable a broad audience to enjoy knowledge and to have fun at our exhibitions.

If you are going to attend the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) next week in London, please say hello to my colleague Daniel Batyi or me, and claim your copy of our magazine. Please also join my panel “Touring Exhibitions: Exploring New Worlds” on Saturday, March 7. For further information please visit…

Have a good time!

Christoph Scholz
Director SC Exhibitions


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