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Posted on March 13, 2015

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TEN and the SC Exhibitions Magazine meet The Guardian Culture Professionals Network to discover the future of the arts

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Last week, we launched our new venture: The Touring Exhibitions News (TEN), which you can browse online here:

We created TEN as an online magazine for the touring community, and our first issue focuses on London – the cradle of touring exhibitions. In this issue, you can read features on some of the city’s most important cultural institutions, including The Natural History Museum, Barbican, and Design Museum. TEN also caught up with Matthew Caines, the editor of the Guardian Culture Professionals Network, to discuss what the future holds for the arts, and for touring exhibitions. You can read the interview here

Set up in 2011, this network from the renowned British newspaper has spent the last three years going behind the scenes of the art, culture and heritage industry. Its editor, Matthew Caines, describes the site as, “a living, breathing online community and resource for arts professionals across a range of verticals: museums, music, performance arts, visual art, design, film, books, music and more.” The site aims to unite cultural institutions from across the UK, whether a small gallery or a national organisation, sharing inspiration as well as best practice. It also has plans to expand its coverage this year, to cater for the more than 50% of their readers that visit from outside the UK.

As part of the interview with TEN, Caines explores some of the ongoing trends within the cultural sector, one of which is the increasing importance of technology, and the role it plays in our experience of the arts. “Digital platforms have changed how we make and engage with arts and culture,” he explains. “Technology has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives and communicate with one another.”

It’s a point of view that we also explore in the new issue of our SC Exhibitions Magazine, in a piece by the Guardian Culture Professionals Network’s Serena Kutchinsky, which you can read here.

“It’s clear that the way we consume, create and think about culture is constantly evolving, as it has throughout history,” writes Kutchinsky, in “Has Technology Changed Cultural Taste”. In the piece, she examines the way the internet has delivered a new wave of online celebrities, and opportunities for people to share and connect with one another. In turn, this increased interconnectedness has influenced how many cultural institutions operate, and Kutchinsky’s piece explores how many of them are harnessing the possibilities of technology to reinterpret and recreate traditional art forms.

The Network is an excellent resource, for those working in touring exhibitions as well as the wider cultural community. To stay up to date with their stories and insight, you can
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You can also stay in touch with TEN, which we’ll be updating with new stories each month, by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, or following us on Twitter .

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