Thank God it’s Friday

Posted on November 6, 2015

The week at SC Exhibitions

From left to right: Peter Suchanek, Hans Zimmer, Harvey Goldsmith, Christoph Scholz on November 2nd at Soho House
From left to right: Peter Suchanek, Hans Zimmer, Harvey Goldsmith, Christoph Scholz on November 2nd at Soho House

 Manic Monday

It was off to London on Monday for a press day with the great composer Hans Zimmer. After many years of working almost exclusively on exhibition projects, I’m proud and honoured to be Semmel Concerts’ project director for Hans Zimmer Live on Tour. We are presenting this outstanding concert series in five cities in Germany as well as in Zurich and Vienna. We also brokered the arrangements for concerts in Poland and Prague with our promoter-friends at JVS, and for an appearance in Brussels with our good colleagues at Fire-Starter. I’m also looking forward to working again with legendary music promoter Harvey Goldsmith and his great production director Jim Bagott.

Here’s our promotional video:…
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and to visit the tour website:

 Secret Tuesday

On Tuesday morning, I visited the costume exhibition Dressed by Angels (see our back-story on Garry’s Soap Box) at the Truman Brewery, and then went to a secret place in London to discuss an equally secret appearance of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting in 2017.

 Anniversary Wednesday

Wednesday November 4th marked the 93rd anniversary of The Discovery of King Tut by Howard Carter, and we’ll be opening the tomb (or at least our exhibition about it) in just a few days’ time in New York. To mark the anniversary and to tell the world about our New York exhibition, we released a brand-new video by Sandro Vannini.

It is quite bold, and I’m sure you’ll like it:…

Another great project saw the light of day on this special Wednesday: 30 photos from the Tutankhamun excavation taken by Harry Burton, colorized for the very first time by Jordan L. Lloyd at Dynamichrome. Our good friend Wolfgang “Chris” Wild, the Retronaut at

introduced select photos on:…

 Spectrecular Thursday

James Bond at Berlin’s wonderful Zoo Palast cinema!

 Thank God it’s Friday!

It was a good week, indeed.

Best wishes
Christoph Scholz
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