Posted on September 22, 2017

Visual Adventures from the Urban Jungle

Our new MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET exhibition – set to open in Stockholm's Magasin 9 on 28 October – celebrates the critical role street art has played in the visual culture of our cities. We wanted to pay tribute to its influence, and ability to act as a commentary on society and politics, with a touring show that brings together a diverse collection of artists, styles, mediums and messages.
Martin Ander

Swedish artist Martin “Mander” Ander, creator of the poster for MAGIC CITY in Stockholm

MAGIC CITY includes painted, glued, knitted and sprayed pieces that show the diversity of street art and its constant evolution. Designed as a feast for the senses, the exhibition ntroduces visitors to new graffiti around every corner, from monumental wall paintings to 3D illusions. Curators Carlo McCormick and Ethel Seno have worked together to create an experience that is both classic exhibition and street festival, making a “playground for the imagination”.

At the heart of the exhibition is a collaborative philosophy. SC Exhibitions will partner with local artists, guides and activists at each of the locations the show visits, to invite them to create new artworks to join the show, and add some of the character of the host city to the exhibition. As part of this, we have commissioned Swedish artist Martin “Mander” Ander to create a poster for MAGIC CITY's stay in Stockholm. Our motto for the exhibition is “Visual Adventures from the Urban Jungle”, and in response Mander has illustrated a classic Stockholm street, complete with the old green subway car that he says is “highly recognisable to any native Stockholmian”. There's also a few unexpected touches in classic Mander style – kissing skeletons, a giant insect, and oversized flowers.

Mander is both an artist and graphic designer, considered legendary in Sweden for his poster designs and also known for his skateboard illustrations. He recently created a poster campaign for one of Sweden's biggest music acts – Håkan Hellström. His work was used on billboards, in TV spots and in weekly full page ads, and he also created a huge backdrop and set of stage props for the tour's sold-out shows in football stadiums, and seven of the country's biggest outdoor venues.

Mander's MAGIC CITY poster will now represent street artists around the world and, hopefully, encourage all of Stockholm's street art fanatics to see the exhibition, and enjoy some of their own visual adventures in the urban jungle.

The artist introduced the poster to fans of street culture at Caliroot's streetwear store at Brunnsgatanin Stockholm on 21 September. It was a great taster of the exhibition's opening in five week's time, and the launch of our partnership with the store. I took three signed posters along with me, and we will raffle them out between everyone that shares this poster on Facebook or Twitter. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you all at the exhibition.


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