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Posted on March 6, 2015

The Adventures of TINTIN? We begin a new adventure today: TEM – TEN!

Today, on (the website of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting), we proudly present “The Touring Exhibitions News”. In short: TEN.

As head sponsors of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting (TEM), SC Exhibitions has already brought together culture professionals from around the world; and with the introduction of TEN, we will be creating a dedicated online publication for that community. At past editions of TEM, many delegates suggested an online platform to keep the network together between conferences, and TEN is a possible answer to this.

It’s also, we hope, an answer to the lack of specialist magazines devoted to touring exhibitions. With the launch of TEN, we hope to fill that vacuum with an online publication that will be a dedicated source of features, as well as reports, interviews, news, and an up-to-date international exhibitions calendar. As a resource it will bring together some of the leading figures from the industry, offering opinion and insight into some of the most well-respected institutions from around the world.

However, TEN is not perfect, and it doesn’t aim to be a completely tailored editorial product straight away. We launch it today as an experiment – as we did with our first meeting back in 2012, in Paris – and we hope to achieve the rhythm of a monthly magazine. We will be updating the website constantly, bringing new features and focus stories for your reading pleasure every four weeks. To stay posted, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or you can follow on Twitter, and find us on Facebook (), so you don’t miss out on any of our latest stories.

TEN needs your input. For any editorial and advertising queries, and your exhibition dates for our calendar, please contact Daniel Batyi:

In March, TEN will focus on London – one of the cradles of touring exhibitions – and will explore how some of the city’s most well-respected museums are changing the future of touring shows. In April, we will focus on “industry meetings”: MuseumNext in Geneva, Museums and the Web in Chicago, the annual meeting of the AAM in Atlanta and the annual conference of ASPAC in April.

If you are going to attend the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) this weekend in London, please say hello to my colleague Daniel Batyi or me – and please join my panel “Touring Exhibitions: Exploring New Worlds” on Saturday, March 7. For further information please visit…

We are looking forward to hear from you!


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