Who We Are

SC Exhibitions stands for Semmel Concerts Exhibitions, as well as our motto "Showbiz Culture."
Semmel Concerts is named after CEO Dieter Semmelmann, who founded the company in 1991; today, our team at SC Exhibitions is part of this larger company of around 120 entertainment professionals, working from offices in various German cities, all the way from the North Sea to the Alps. And, though we have "concerts" in our name, our work encompasses far more: At any one time, you'll find us creating and managing cultural experiences, theatre shows, musicals, ballet, lectures, media production, book publishing, merchandising, venue operation and touring exhibitions. With our sister firms LS Konzertagentur in Vienna and Showfactory in Bregenz, we are a strong player in Austria, while a short distance away in Switzerland, we facilitate excellent relationships with local partners.

Our Philosophy

We at SC Exhibitions regard ourselves as a little bit like a think tank, sharing ideas, researching and bringing in expertise from across the world to help us develop new projects that will educate and entertain.

Our team, and the projects of SC Exhibitions, are a division of Semmel Concerts, a leading promoter in the German-speaking world and part of Europe’s foremost live entertainment and ticketing company, Eventim. Whilst creating our shows, we always keep an eye on developments in the cultural world, and note down anything that intrigues and excites us – often we'll get in touch with the people involved to learn more.
We discuss, brainstorm and forge ideas, all in the pursuit of creating something new and inspiring, whilst meeting with forward-thinking people from the world of arts and entertainment. If there's something new in the cultural world, and even beyond, you can be sure we'll want to know about it.

In a Nutshell

We at Semmel Concerts/SC Exhibitions are your local partner for concerts, exhibitions and cultural events in the German-speaking world.

We also present live entertainment and touring exhibitions across the globe in collaboration with partners. In this section of our site, you'll find information on how to:

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

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Meet Us at Conferences and Trade Shows

SC Exhibitions can be found at the top trade shows and conferences around the world.

Though the world today is more closely connected than ever, particularly through social media, nothing is more valuable to us than meeting our partners face to face at the top trade shows around the globe. At these meetings, we get the chance to hear the latest news, receive input from colleagues in the exhibitions world, network and maintain our business relationships.

Therefore, we have created our own conference for the industry: The Touring Exhibitions Meeting (TEM), an event that brings together heritage professionals from across the globe, featuring talks and networking events. So far, we've held meetings in Paris, Berlin, Munich and Istanbul. You can read more at touringexhibitions.org.

Meet us in 2017

  • Museum Connections – January 18 -19, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France
  • ILMC – March 8-10, Royal Garden Hotel, London, UK
  • AAM – May 7-10, St. Louis Convention Center, St Louis, USA
  • TEM – July 7-8, Olympic Park, Munich, Germany
  • ECSITE – June 15-17, Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
  • ASTC – October 21 -24, The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA, USA

EXTRA - the marketplace for scientific touring exhibitions

SC Exhibitions is a proud sponsor of EXTRA, the marketplace for scientific touring exhibitions. First launched in the 2000s, EXTRA has since grown to contain over 400 exhibitions and connects 1,700 people across the world. At the ECSITE 2016 conference in Graz, Austria, EXTRA was re-launched. The database has now been re-designed and streamlined, and can be found on the website of ECSITE – The European Network of Science Centres and Museums. ECSITE's website receives over 60,000 unique visitors each year, while ECSITE itself has more than 350 members, and over 1,000 people participate in its annual conference. Anybody can visit EXTRA at its new home at ECSITE and browse through the exhibitions currently for rental or sale; you can even find our show "Tutankhamun – His Tomb and his Treasures." Why not take a look?