Show Notes from: Semmel’s Christmas Flea Market

Show Notes from: Semmel’s Christmas Flea Market

Dec 17, 2020

On December 10 we produced Semmel’s Christmas Flea Market at the Reichshof, a mid-century cinema in Semmel Concerts’ hometown of Bayreuth. We hosted some very special guests at this 3 hour Zoom event for our partners from the entertainment and creative industries: The composers and producers Alex Christensen and Christopher von DeylenOlivier Toth for the Arena Resilience Alliance (ARA); Pollstar’s Brij Gosai and ILMC’s Greg Parmley; Sandra Tomek of Tomek Productions; Sarah Bridge (Music Supervisor for Netflix’ “The Crown”); and legendary music journalist Bob Lefsetz. And 21 presenters from all over the world—from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City to the Rotex exhibition venue in Moscow—presented their latest exhibitions and projects, hosted by Debbie Donohue of Imagine Exhibitions. You’ll find the link to the video and the list of all the presenters and their projects at the bottom of this blogpost.

After the event is before the events: In the first months of the New Year, we will be busy preparing Morricone Williams Zimmer: The Soloists for the Summer 2021 season. This is our “light” yet spectacular production with the possible restrictions of you-know-what in mind. If you’re interested, don’t wait, contact Oliver Rosenwald at for details. In early March we will stream the premiere event and an exhibition walkthrough of our touring exhibition Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, enabling partners who are interested in seeing the show to experience it without the need to travel. We’re looking now for host venues from mid-2022 to mid-2025. We will also be busy preparing for March 4, 2021, our theme day for touring exhibitions and the experience economy at ILMC, the world’s best entertainment conference. 

Our Zoom show from the mid-century Reichshof Cinema in Bayreuth
Our Zoom show from the mid-century Reichshof Cinema in Bayreuth
© Luis Neumann-Perez

At Semmel’s Christmas Flea Market, Bob Lefsetz and I had a lively discussion about Bob DylanTaylor Swift, the Spotify Top 50 and, and, and … Bob said: “For years it was all about technology. … Now the focus is on the art. That is what people are looking for.” I’ll be keeping that in mind while preparing the ILMC panels. 

To watch the interview with Bob Lefsetz see video link below
To watch the interview with Bob Lefsetz see video link below
© Luis Neumann-Perez

On December 4, the New York Times published a survey on how 700, yes 700, epidemiologists are living now and what they think is next. Among the survey questions was: How and when will life go back to normal? One answer to this question stood out for me: It is normal now; similar to 2019, never again. Vasily Vlassov, professor at HSE University in Moscow said so: This is the new normal now—something similar to 2019 will never be true again. And since I’m aware that many live music people were in attendance at Semmel’s Christmas Flea Market, I introduce to you Brøkebutlive, a team of creative people from Hamburg, a kind of a start-up, whose aim is to professionalize balcony concerts. The idea is to combine film and music, presenting them in spectacular ways, said Phillip Mall during our Flea Market interview: “We are filmmakers and want extraordinary shots, so in addition to moving cameras, drones are also used. This video montage, in combination with great artists and their music, results in a unique symbiosis.” A Brøkebutlive T-Shirt is the perfect Christmas gift for yourself, your favourite agent, promoter or venue manager, you can also show your support for the great work to keep musicians busy of Phillip Mall and his team in Hamburg. 

We live music people might require Phillip’s production services next year if Professor Vlassov from Moscow is right, that “It is normal now.” Could balcony concerts perhaps be our future in the live music industry? Balcony and streaming gigs were fun in 2020, but do we prepare to appear “live” in 2021 from the balcony or do we just jump like lemmings from it?

See you again on March 4th (at
See you again on March 4th (at
© Luis Neumann-Perez

See you again at the “virtually live” ILMC 2021! March 4, 2021, is ILMC theme day for exhibitions & the experience economy. Book now at

Watch the video from Semmel’s Christmas Flea Market – the show’s first part with interviews and musical performances - here.

Order your Brøkebutlive T-shirt or Hoodie via phlbrkbtlvd

Kicking off the Flea Market was Roei Amit, Head of Digital & Multimedia at Réunion des Musées Nationaux. He spoke about the “Pompeii” exhibition they held in the Grand Palais in Paris on July 1-October 29, 2020. With over 200 000 visitors, it was the most successful exhibition in France this year. Roei can be reached at rmtrmngpfrHave a look at:

Annabelle Mauger from lililillilil & Pascal Bernardin, CEO of Encore Productions, presented their immersive exhibitions “Imagine Picasso” and “Imagine Van Gogh” with their most advanced technology “Image Totale.”
You can reach Annabelle at 
nnblllllllllcm and Pascal at ncrprdncrprdfrHave a look at:

Tom Zaller, President & CEO of Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., talked about content always working — even in times of crisis — such as “Dinosaurs,” “Lego,” and “Real Bodies.” He can be reached via Agnes Ruiz rzmgnxhbtnscm and tzllrmgnxhbtnscm. You can also reach him at their general contact mail slsmgnxhbtnscm.  Have a look at:

Heather Farnworth, Director, International Sales & Featured Products – Ontario Science Center, presented “MindWorks,” their newest interactive travelling science exhibition. Heather can be reached at hthrfrnwrthscnc. Have a look at:

Giorgio Castagnera from Hereleb presented their exhibition “Where Fairytales Begin – Wooden Art.” You can reach Giorgio at grghrlbcm. Have a look at:

Alex Susanna, President & Managing Director of Expona, talked about the exhibitions “GLADIATORS – Heroes of the Colosseum” and “Marilyn Monroe.” You can reach Susanna at lxxpnnt. Have a look at:

Tim Pethick, CEO of Nomad Exhibitions, & Julie Leclair, Director of Travelling Exhibitions at Ingenium — Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation — presented “One Sky, Many Worlds: Indigenous Voices in Astronomy” and described how the exhibition represents a unique partnership with Indigenous global communities. You can reach Tim at Tmnmdxhbtnscm and Julie at jlclrngnmcndrgHave a look at: and

Herrick Goldman is founder of Evoke Collaborative, which provides lighting and projection design to live events, touring, installations, and museums. He presented an amazing new water feature at LaGuardia Airport in NYC. Herrick can be reached at Hrrckvkcllbrtvcm.  Have a look at:

Kelly Fernandi, President & Creative Director of Minotaur Mazes talked about “Amazing Pollinators” — the latest traveling exhibition from Minotaur Mazes. You can reach Kelly at kllymntrmzscm. Have a look at:

Kseniya Samokhina, Project Manager at ROTEX LLC presented new possibilities for exhibition venues in Moscow. You can reach Kseniya at ksmkhnrtxpr and nfrtxpr. Have a look at:

Olivier Retout, CEO of Lascaux international exhibition, talked about how, based on the success of its world tour, the reinvigoration of the Lascaux exhibition takes on a smaller format offering an exclusive immersive VR experience. Olivier can be reached at rttdrdgnfr

Carrie Reid, Director of Sales, Flying Fish, introduced their most relevant exhibition— a large-scale dinosaur exhibition; and Freetouch— a touchless solution for your touchscreens. You can reach Carrie at crrflyngfshxhbtscmHave a look at:

Matthew Heenan, Director of Sales at the American Museum of Natural History, presented some exciting opportunities to rent American Museum of Natural History blockbuster exhibitions currently in Europe, as well as some great outdoor exhibition options. You can reach Matthew at mhnnmnhrg. Have a look at:

Corrado Canonici, founder of World Touring Exhibitions, presented their new exhibition: “THE ART OF INTERACTIVE DIGITAL.” Corrado can be reached at crrdwrldcncrtrtstsrg. Have a look at:

Dagmara Lipińska, from Logic Gate, talked about several of their touring science exhibitions such as “Get Connected!” and “Illusion or Reality.” Dagmara can be reached at nflgcgtcmpl. Have a look at:

Jole Martinenghi, from Contemporanea Progetti, presented the “Botticelli Experience.” You can reach Jole at j_mrtnnghcntmprnprgtttHave a look at: and their portfolio at

Troy CollinsChief Marketing Officer & Vice President of IMG Events and Media, presented the status and availability of their four current exhibitions and one upcoming exhibition, including “Mummies of the World” and “Stories of the FBI.” Troy can be reached at: TryCllnsmgcm Have a look at:

Gwenael Allan, CEO at SENSORY ODYSSEY, presented the Sensory Odyssey project they are co-producing with the Natural History Museum of Paris, where visitors stroll through a multi-sensory 360-degree cinematic secret world of animals and plants in a way never before experienced by humans. You can reach Gwenael at gwnlsnsrydyssycmHave a look at: (password: OdysseyExpo2021)

Last but by no means least, Milada Fišerová, Production Manager at JVS Group, talked about their touring exhibition “Cosmos Discovery.” You can reach Milada  at MldjvsgrpczHave a look at:

A guided tour? A masked tour! (Exhibition „Locked in“, October 2020)
A guided tour? A masked tour! (Exhibition „Locked in“, October 2020)

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